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Solar Thermal

Solar thermal systems heat water using the energy from the sun, which can then be stored for use in domestic, public or commercial buildings. They are suitable for use in cold climates, with some systems still fully functional up to 30 degrees below freezing. With low installation costs, solar thermal technology offers wide-ranging opportunities to reduce energy bills and increase sustainability.

There are two types of solar thermal panels - evacuated tube collectors and flat panel collectors - each with different strengths and weaknesses. Evacuated tube collectors are more efficient, but more expensive; flat panels are generally the most robust.

Stroma NX designs, supplies, installs and maintains solar thermal systems. Our experienced design and installation teams will work closely with you to identify appropriate products, size the system correctly and deliver a bespoke solution to suit your property. We supply the very best solar thermal systems, including the latest panels, cylinders and Thermal Stores from our Austrian supply partner Tisun, as their panels are robust enough to withstand the rigours of the Isle of Man coastal climate.

Stroma NX install a Tisun Solar Thermal system in Romania

Stroma NX were highly commended at the 2013 Energy Awards for their work with the 'Hands of Hope' charity, installing a Tisun Solar Thermal system for a community building in Romania.