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Solar PV

Solar PV panels convert sunlight directly into electricity. The equipment required for this process is simple, with no moving parts, and as a result requires minimal maintenance. The generated electricity can be fed straight into the power supply of the building it will serve and therefore reduces the amount of electricity you need to buy. Any excess electricity that is generated from the panels and isn’t used onsite is automatically exported into the MEA network for which you receive a payment.

Depending on site constraints, solar panels can be attached to your roof, walls or can even be ground mounted on surrounding land.

Stroma NX work with a diverse range of manufacturers including Renusol, Schletter, LG, TrinaSolar, Conergy and Phono Solar to supply, install, design and maintain solar PV systems. Our experience and knowledge of energy performance in buildings sets us at the forefront of the sustainability and renewables market.

We have worked on an extensive range of commercial building types to provide you with the necessary expertise on your project to guarantee an efficient, high quality installation. Stroma NX will determine this during our site survey.

After our sister company Stroma Energy installed solar PV on over 1000 roofs in the UK, Stroma NX completed our very first installation on the Island in 2012 at Ballingan Farm in Marown. Although the range of incentive schemes in the UK, such as the Feed In Tariff, have encouraged extensive installations of solar PV, it is unlikely that such an initiative could realistically work on the Isle of Man. However, capital costs of systems are reducing and, particularly in new build, there remains a compelling opportunity in some circumstances to include their integration into developments. We believe the range of viable opportunities will expand in time on the Island.