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Heat Recovery

Stroma NX in partnership with EnviroVent: designs, installs and commissions heat recovery systems that can significantly improve the energy efficiency of your building. By recovering heat that would otherwise be lost using normal extract ventilation you can generate significant savings on your heating bills.

The process removes stale, contaminated air from the interior of your building and clean, fresh air is drawn from the outside to replace it. As the two air streams pass each other, the heat is transferred from the outgoing stale air to the fresh incoming air with no mixing of air streams.

As a result, our heat recovery ventilation systems maintain stable humidity levels, providing a condensation and mould-free living environment. The technology ismanufactured in the UK and offers a wide range of innovative benefits in addition to exceptional performance and low maintenance.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced Condensation.
  • Summer Cooling.
  • Reduction of Airborne Allergens.
  • Lower Humidity.
  • Reduced Dust Mite Proliferation.