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Energy Reduction

Against a back drop of increasing energy prices and dwindling supplies, those companies who can decrease their energy demand will see a tangible decrease in their running costs and increase in their profitability.

Stroma NX’s phased approach aims to reduce operating costs by up to fifty percent in existing commercial buildings, Furthermore our expert knowledge of available funding allows businesses to take advantage of various financial schemes, which negate or maximize the need for upfront capital expenditure.

Stroma's Phased Approach

  1. Carry out initial energy and fabric survey.
  2. Carry out a detailed energy study, using predictive simulation modelling.
  3. Reduce the energy wasted through low-tech fabrics.
  4. Reduce energy use through optimising controls and recommending occupant behavioural improvements.
  5. Implement high efficiency, low carbon/renewable technologies when appropriate.
  6. Investigate available funding and co-ordinate applications.
  7. Project manage and co-ordinate implementation.
  8. Provide on going monitoring and measurement.