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Thermography is a diagnostic technique employed increasingly to survey and record the thermal properties of a building. Thermographic surveys can be employed to support contractors in demonstrating that their buildings do not suffer from excessive cold bridging, air leakage or discontinuities in insulation. Stroma NX can also use thermography to identify areas for potential improvement, with a view to minimising heat loss and thus energy wastage, which in turn reduces running costs and carbon emissions. Stroma NX conducts thermographic surveys, using sophisticated thermal imaging cameras to reliably determine surface temperatures through detection of electromagnetic radiation in the infrared spectrum. Working in accordance with recognised methodologies, such as BS EN 13178:1999, we can interpret the features presented in thermographic images. Consequently, our surveys are a powerful tool for identifying typical weaknesses in the thermal integrity of a building.

Our consultants use thermography to provide a range of predictive maintenance services to identify and report:

  • Insulation breakdown.
  • Specific locations of roof leaks.
  • Overheating of transformers.
  • Connection faults.
  • Circuit breaker heating.
  • Bearing failure.
  • Mould inspection.
  • Proper operation of steam traps, and missing insulation of steam, hot water, blocked lines.
  • Faults on hydraulic systems.
  • Inspection of smoke stacks for insulation defects/heat loss in furnaces.
  • Hot spots and heat losses on renewable energy equipment (PV and wind turbines).
  • And many more possible reasons which can lead to equipment failure, fire, and possible explosions.