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Download our Air Tightness Testing Leaflet

Download our Air
Tightness Testing Leaflet

Air Tightness Testing and Sealing

Air tightness, air leakage or air permeability all refer to the loss of heated air from inside a building through gaps, cracks, holes and fissures in the building fabric. Such losses, through the uncontrolled movement of air, increase the energy consumption of buildings, as additional energy will be required to re-heat the air.

Stroma NX believes that building fabric improvement should be the first step towards reducing energy costs and increasing energy efficiency. Air tightness testing and targeted air sealing works provide a cost effective package to reduce energy wastage.

Our service offering:

  • Design Reviews: A comprehensive review carried out by experienced air-tightness consultants who will study and comment on the relevant drawn details.
  • Design Workshops: A simple but effective method of interrogating the air-tightness strategy and key drawn details in the presence of relevant members of project teams on site.
  • Training Seminars: Short training presentations aimed at both designers and construction staff, which can be invaluable in raising awareness among those most able to influence the eventual outcome.
  • Pre-Test Inspections: An inspection, prior to the test, carried out by our consultants who scrutinise the ‘air barrier’ details throughout the building and record all observations to be conveyed in a detailed, illustrated report.
  • Sample Area or ‘Comfort’ Testing: A ‘dress-rehearsal’ air test carried out on a representative area to establish how the whole building will perform and what the key leakage issues will be.
  • Final Acceptance Air Leakage Test: The final test includes all necessary building envelope calculations and is carried out using multi-point testing methods to ensure even pressure distribution and, thus, reliable results. In large, complex buildings, this approach, along with our ability to depressurise the building, can be vitally important.
  • Post-Test Leakage Diagnosis: As required if a building fails to achieve the target permeability rate upon testing, Stroma technicians will generally employ localised, internal smoke testing methods to identify the remedial works required. Findings are then conveyed in an illustrated report.
  • Seal: Targeted remedial air sealing works are undertaken (using pressurised smoke testing to confirm effectiveness) in a discreet and non-disruptive manner.
  • Re-Test: Once the necessary work is completed, another air-tightness test is conducted to confirm the success of improvements and validate payback calculations.


Stroma NX Air Tightness Testing at Rushen Primary School

Stroma is UKAS accredited for carrying out air permeability tests to the required methodologies and a member of the recognised bodies i.e. the ATTMA  (Air Tightness Testing & Measurement Association) and the BINDT (British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing).

Having carried out air permeability testing and consultancy on over 8,500 buildings, ranging from dwellings to educational  establishments, hospitals, superstores, office buildings, factories, warehouses, cinemas, etc., Stroma boasts a formidable degree of experience in this specialist field.