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St.Ninian’s Lower School, Bemahague

Built by Auldyn Construction on behalf of the Department of Education and Children, St. Ninian’s Lower School at Bemahague is the new flagship education facility of modern design over three stories and a total internal floor area in excess of 12,000m2.

Stroma NX Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) St.Ninian's Lower School, Bemahague

Stroma NX worked closely with the contractors throughout the development, to provide intermediate checks and guidance in preparation for an Air Tightness Test towards the end of the development. The strategy enabled Auldyn to achieve a superb final reading of 4.64 m3.h-1.m2 @ 50 Pa, which was significantly below the target level. This was testimony to good construction practice and care, supported by our ethic of helping our clients achieve the best possible fabric integrity and not simply measuring the actual levels on request.

Stroma NX then surveyed and produced an Energy Performance Certificate and accompanying report on the school for the Department of Education and Children. This certificate shows the energy rating of this building. By using Dynamic Simulation Modelling (DSM) to construct a thermal model, we can show the energy efficiency of the building fabric along with the heating, ventilation, cooling and lighting systems.

The completed school achieved an Energy Efficiency Rating of C 60 which compares very favourably against the D 100 typical Benchmark figure.