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Hands of Hope

Hands of Hope, Romania

Hands of Hope, who are a Manx registered charity, has been helping the poor, needy and destitute of Romania for the last 10 years. As part of this work they have built or funded the construction of about 25 homes.

The houses they construct have no running water or plumbing, relying from water drawn from a well with buckets but this year Hands of Hope constructed a community building to serve both the houses they have built and the surrounding neighbours. In addition to a large community room there are two showers, sinks and an industrial washing machine.

Running costs had to be minimal but with the extreme climate where it can be -35ºc in the winter and plus 45ºc in the summer, huge technical problems had to be overcome. The solution arrived at was to have 2 interlinked but completely separate systems incorporating 2no. 400L Tisun cylinders each fed from a bank of three Tisun solar panels with each cylinder feeding a shower and either the sink or washing machine. These systems will provide ample hot water to the building in the summer months, and in the winter months will be supplemented by an additional supply from electric immersion heaters.

Stroma NX work alongside Hands of Hope Charity

Stroma NX, with the kind help of Tisun, provided the cylinders and panels to help the project come to fruition which we were immensely proud to do. Hands of Hope is an outstanding charity and their website can be viewed at

The solar thermal project was completed in Summer 2013; however, Hands of Hope’s invaluable work in Romania is ongoing, and Stroma NX hopes to continue to support them in 2014 and beyond.

“The lifestyle of over 100 people will be dramatically changed by this facility; our enormous thanks to Steve Brown of Stroma NX and Tisun, who provided tremendous support with the supply of the solar equipment”

James Vickers, Hands of Hope