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Department of Health

Stroma NX took a sample stock of buildings from the Department of Health to undertake Energy Audits and Air Tightness Testing to identify feasible and cost effective improvements that will lead to a reduction in overall energy consumption.

We assessed all the data collected and summarised our findings into a detailed report outlining the areas to make the best gains in energy improvement detailing financial savings and paybacks where possible.

For each building we produced an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), which is an ‘Asset Rating’ for a property, and which assesses the theoretical energy performance in standard operation against performance typical of buildings of the same type. This was followed by a Declared Performance Certificate (DEC) which provides an ‘Operational Rating’ assessing the actual performance of the property in use from actual meter readings, set against benchmark performance.

Comparison of EPC and DEC helps us to understand the impact of building operation and whether high energy consumption is due, at least in part, to the occupant’s energy usage behaviour.