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Department of Education

Department of Education and Children

Stroma NX carried out detailed energy audits and benchmarking across all 54 of the Island’s schools and colleges, before analysing the data, to prioritise improvements and ensure optimal use of the Department’s available funding.

An integral part of our approach was to ensure that they would understand better how their buildings use energy, and subsequently how to conserve it. We constructed 3D Thermal models using Dynamic Simulation Software (DSM) to calculate the efficiencies of the building stock and identify the impact of making specific changes to the fabric or structure of them.

We also undertook Air Tightness Testing on every site, which included detailed audits to identify air-sealing opportunities: the results were then incorporated into the energy modelling. All the remedial works we identified are now being carried out by Manx contractors that Stroma NX has trained and accredited.

We have subsequently provided a SystemsLink Energy Manager Software package which provides an easy, flexible and cost effective way of implementing an energy monitoring and targeting system.