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Cronk Ashin, Maughold

Cronk Ashin

Cronk Ashin is a substantial Eco House development in Maughold set into a hillside to exploit the natural views and surroundings, and that has large areas of glazing to front and side elevations.

Stroma NX was invited by our client, Island based installer IDPH Ltd., to provide a Schutz airConomy System, an efficient, high quality Climate Control System, as part of an integrated solution along with a solar thermal array and driven by a Ground Source Heat Pump. Therefore, through Renewable Technology, the use of fossil fuels is greatly reduced, lowering the carbon emissions of the building to a minimum.

The Schutz airConomy System is ideal for modern houses with lots of glazing and consequential solar gain. This system combines underfloor heating, cooling, ventilation and heat recovery all in a unique standalone format that creates a constant but undetectable flow of air, kept at the desired temperature in a highly efficient way, at the same time recovering heat from extracted air and implanting it into the newly arrived clean air that can be controlled in zones as required.