Contemporary Eco House

Contemporary Eco House, South Isle of Man

Isle of Man installer, IDPH Ltd., invited Stroma NX to provide a combination of Renewable Technologies to fit into their system design for a substantial contemporary, highly insulated private residence in an exposed location in the South of the Island. 

We provided a Panasonic 12kW Aquarea T-cap Air Source Heat Pump, which features a patented refrigeration circuit that ensures the nominal output of the heat pump is maintained down to -15ºc, ensuring that the 12kW output is available in cold weather when you need it the most, along with a Tisun Proclean 2000 Ltr Stratified Cylinder.

This spherical exchanger stratifies the water by temperature allowing a particularly quick usage of the energy and at the optimum temperature. When used in conjunction with the solar thermal array, provided by IDPH Ltd., the result is a highly efficient system to provide all the heating and domestic hot water required very cost effectively.