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Ayre View, Bride

Ayre View, Bride

Stroma NX overcame a challenge of design and logistics to trial Air Source Heat Pumps at 3 properties on the Ayre View Estate in Bride, where there was no gas feed to site and the heating and hot water was provided by coal fired systems.

Our aim was to improve the lifestyles of the tenants, reduce carbon emissions, take advantage of cheap rate electricity tariffs with system design, and provide high efficiency performance, all within a realistic and justifiable budget. Our success saw our client, The Department of Social Care, win the Government Energy Award for Best Innovation.

Installed by IDPH Ltd. following training we supplied, the benefit to the tenant was immediate with no further need to collect coal from the bunker in all weathers and a simple, user friendly control, predominantly pre-programmed system.

The IOM Government conducted its own data collection survey over 12 months and established that the financial savings were approximately 50% of the previous annual energy costs. The carbon emissions were reduced enormously which was in line with expectation with the switch to renewable technology.

The benefit of such a system is there for all to see. We now have a cost effective running system, of low maintenance, which is tenant friendly from an operational perspective. It is a clean, easy to install system and will become even more cost efficient as oil and gas prices continue to increase over the coming years. A mass programme of such installs would significantly impact on carbon reduction targets.